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Semantic Import from Sketch to Framer



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Import States

Select layers with the same name on artboards in Sketch to import them as a new Layer with States in Framer.

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Pixels & Points

Design at @1x in Sketch & import to Framer the way you need.

Image & Native Layers

Animate corners, borders, shadows & colors.

Relative to Artboard or Group

Compose complex views with child-to-parent relationship.

Export complete prototypes from Sketch to Framer

Export custom transitions between layers on artboards with automatically generated Framer prototypes based on Layers with States.

How to export Framer prototype

The new way to prototype transitions is just three easy steps from you.

1. Include Layers

Make layers exportable in Sketch to include them in prototype.

2. Choose Transition

Select artboards and get animations between layers.

3. Paste code into Framer

Run & paste code from Clipboard, assets are auto exported.


Reimport Prototype

Reimport from Sketch to update Layers & States with no harm to your prototype.

Views block

Updates from Sketch

Custom block

Stays same on Reimport

PRO version

Download free version with limited runs per day or get a PRO version with unlimited actions.

Free version

10 runs per day

50 runs on first day


PRO version

Unlimited runs per day

Unlimited runs on first day